Worldwide Distribution of Synthetic Rubber from STEMACO Rubber Supply Company

STEMACO offers global purchasing and distribution of synthetic rubber from our 10 locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our ability to purchase and inventory large quantities of synthetic rubber allows for the industry’s most competitive pricing.

We offer fast delivery, highly responsive customer service, and flexible, innovative solutions, such as a variety of near prime synthetic rubber, to better support our customers.

Our sales offices represent major international manufacturers of raw materials in several countries and have been appointed local distributors of their products.

All of our local sales offices are interested in developing new partnerships with both suppliers and customers to extend our current sales program and continue to offer the best service at significant savings.

STEMACO Worldwide Locations


  • USA with warehouses in Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana and Texas
  • Brazil

  • Mexico


  • China
  • India


  • France

  • Germany
  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Switzerland


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